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Admission Requirements


The program is designed for Graduates to increase their ministerial competencies to a truly professional level, to become experts in all skills and competencies related to Christian ministry: critical reflection, interpersonal skills, capacity for theological interpretation, and special skills for service in particular contexts.


By the end of the DMin program at UUC, YOU will

§  Demonstrate a fluency in critical thinking, as observed by independent thinking and the ability to be flexible with diverse populations.

§  Apply the biblical guiding principles that form the values and outcomes of any ministry.

§  Diagnose the needs of a community and implement a biblically based response to meet those needs.

§  Integrate research, verbal and written communication, and leadership skills to provide a solution to a pressing missional opportunity.

YOU will be fully equipped for vocations of ministry and for scholarship among leaders from around the world.

YOUwill become an educational and theological resource for your local community, your nation, and the world!


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